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    Aggregating claims under professional insurance policies

    22.03.2017 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    AIG Europe Limited v Woodman is the first judicial consideration of the proper construction of the aggregation clause in the Minimum Terms and Conditions of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Solicitors and Registered European Lawyers in England and Wales (MTC).

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    Are you ready for the new Insurance Competition Regime?

    15.03.2017 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    On 30 March 2017, the EU Insurance Block Exemption Regulation 267/2010 (IBER) will expire, removing the automatic exemption from EU antitrust rules for (a) joint compilations, tables and studies; and (b) insurance and co-insurance pools. Going forward, parties to such agreements will have to “self-assess” to ensure that their agreements comply with EU competition rules.

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    Shipping regulations - 2017 and onwards


    Over the next decade, the shipping industry will be impacted by a wide array of shipping regulations. Our infographic highlights some of the key regulatory amendments which will come into effect in the coming years.

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    German claims - what now for the brokers?

    14.03.2017 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    At the beginning of 2016 the German Supreme Court delivered a judgement with far reaching consequences for insurers and brokers operating in Germany. Prior to this decision, it had been normal for brokers to be instructed by insureds and at the same time handle claims on behalf of the insurers.

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    UK Government issues Cyber Security Regulation and Incentives Review

    14.03.2017 | Business & Finance

    This follows an extensive consultation with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial stakeholders and presents the Government’s position on cyber risk regulation and management in the private sector.

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    Compensation for financial losses under shipbuilding contract warranty

    14.03.2017 | Shipping

    The Commercial Court has recently considered the meaning of “consequential or special losses, damages or expenses” in a shipbuilding contract warranty. Did the phrase have the traditional English law meaning or a particular meaning of its own?

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