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The position of air services from British overseas territories and dependencies

04.08.2016 Aviation

Gillie Belsham

Gillie Belsham Global Head of Aviation, Partner

The UK’s overseas dependencies includes certain territories with important roles in the aviation industry. One example is the Cayman Islands, with special fiscal arrangements which are used for the financing of commercial aircraft. 

These British territories and dependencies (the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, the British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda) have different status under the EU treaties, with the UK being responsible for their relationship with the EU. Any bilateral arrangement between the UK and the EU post-Brexit will also have to cover these.

Both the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have special status in EU law as, while they are Crown dependencies, they have limited access to the single market, particularly as regards free movement of people, capital and services. Again after withdrawal from the EU, there would need to be new bilateral relationships negotiated with the EU27.

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Gillie Belsham

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