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    Qatar Q&A

    07.07.2017 |Aviation, Business & Finance, Commercial Disputes, Energy, Insurance & Reinsurance, International Trade & Commodities, Shipping

    We have collated the most commonly asked questions and answers below, as well as some points to bear in mind, to provide a handy reference point as first port of call in case any queries relating to the Qatar situation arise.

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    Wannacry; now Petya. What steps have you taken to protect your business?

    28.06.2017 |Cyber Security, Business & Finance, Shipping, Energy, International Trade & Commodities, Yachts and Superyachts, Insurance & Reinsurance, Aviation

    Yesterday’s Petya ransom-ware attack highlights again the serious effect that cyberattacks can have on all companies operating in an increasingly digitalized and interconnected marketplace.

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    Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

    26.06.2017 |International Trade & Commodities, Shipping, Insurance & Reinsurance, Energy, Commercial Disputes, Business & Finance, Aviation

    As the situation changes regularly, please refer back to this page where we will update you on anything new in the region and the subsequent legal implications.

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    Qatar: Recent updates

    23.06.2017 |International Trade & Commodities, Business & Finance, Aviation, Shipping

    On 22 June Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain issued a stringent list of demands to Qatar. These were presented to Qatar by Kuwait, acting as a mediator. It is reported that Qatar must meet these 13 demands in order for the “sanctions” to be lifted.

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    Gender Pay Gap Reporting

    19.06.2017 |Employment, Business & Finance

    An update on mandatory gender pay gap reporting for large employers came into force on 6 April 2017 and current reporting levels.

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    Jurisdiction clause in crew contracts overridden by ECJ interpretation of place of work

    19.06.2017 |Employment, Aviation, Business & Finance

    Complexity in respect of choice of applicable law and jurisdiction can be an issue for organisations who have employees working in different countries.The European Court of Justice was asked to rule on the interpretation of the concept of “the place where the employee habitually carries out his work” in the recent Ryanair case concerning flight crew contracts.

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    Disability Discrimination

    19.06.2017 |Employment, Business & Finance

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal has considered whether a job applicant with Asperger's syndrome suffered disability discrimination by being required to sit a multiple choice test as part of the application process. The case provides guidance for employers who routinely rely on testing to recruit applicants.

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    Union recognition and fragmented bargaining units

    19.06.2017 |Employment, Business & Finance

    Lidl have found that size is not everything when dealing with the issue of whether a bargaining unit for the purposes of GMB recognition for collective bargaining was considered by the Court of Appeal.

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