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    Electronic release system leaves carrier exposed

    11.07.2017 |Shipping

    The Court of Appeal’s decision highlights the risks of using the ERS instead of releasing cargo against bills of lading or issuing paper delivery orders.

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    Sanctions update

    11.07.2017 |Shipping, EU law, competition and regulation

    A summary of some recent developments in international sanctions.

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    Construction of charterparty terms: choose your words carefully!

    11.07.2017 |Shipping

    The Court decided which of the different demurrage regimes set out in the charterparty applied in the circumstances of this case. In doing so, it decided that the charterparty terms were clear and there was no need to imply a term to achieve a more “commercial” result.

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    Shipping E-Brief July 2017

    11.07.2017 |Shipping

    The Shipping E-Brief is a quarterly publication providing you with key information on legal decisions and developments in shipping and related business areas.

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    Narrow construction of privilege entitles SFO to disclosure of corporation’s internal documents

    11.07.2017 |Shipping

    The Court has taken a restrictive view on what documents were privileged from disclosure and narrowly interpreted who or what constituted the “client” for the purpose of legal advice privilege, with the result that notes taken by the defendant’s lawyers of interviews with its employees and various other documents produced in the course of investigating allegations of corruption were held to be disclosable. The decision is relevant not only for criminal prosecutions, but also commercial litigation and arbitration generally.

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    Singapore’s role in China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    11.07.2017 |Shipping

    A review of some of the proposed projects forming part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and their potential impact on Singapore.

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    Qatar Q&A

    07.07.2017 |Aviation, Business & Finance, Commercial Disputes, Energy, Insurance & Reinsurance, International Trade & Commodities, Shipping

    We have collated the most commonly asked questions and answers below, as well as some points to bear in mind, to provide a handy reference point as first port of call in case any queries relating to the Qatar situation arise.

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    BIMCO SUPPLYTIME 2017 - what’s new?

    04.07.2017 |Energy, Shipping

    A review of the key changes introduced by this revised standard form charterparty for offshore vessels, including to the knock-for-knock liability regime and its carve-outs.

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