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Ince & Co is famous for handling commercial disputes. We are at home with smaller commercial cases and have an unbroken history of handling the very biggest cases.

Our dispute resolution work goes way beyond our roots in shipping. We mediate, arbitrate, and litigate disputes in aviation, construction, employment, energy, fraud, insolvency, insurance, offshore, personal injury, reinsurance, receivership as well of course as shipping and yachts.

"Dispute resolution is at the very heart of this firm, with most of its lawyers handling contentious matters." Chambers & Partners
We are at home with smaller commercial cases but also have an unbroken history of handling the very biggest cases. We were centrally (and successfully) involved in the Equitable Life litigation, still one of the biggest cases in UK history, and more recently we were again successful in the Fiona Trust litigation, described by The Times of London in 2010 as the “the shipping trial of the century.”

We have long had expertise in fraud investigation and litigation, cases which can be tough and arduous. We regularly attach assets and get injunctions, very often on a cross-border basis. If you have a commercial dispute we can help. What may be a one-off, and stressful, experience for you is what we do every hour every day and we can help you through the minefield.

We can help you get to the nub of a problem. We can advise on your chances of success and guide you through settlement or mediation. At the other end of the scale we can conduct full-blown cross-border arbitration or litigation depending on what is best for you.
We undertake arbitration internationally under all the well-known (and not so well-known) international regimes.

As a global centre for dispute resolution, we conduct a lot of this work in London. But every Ince office from Paris to Beijing includes litigation and arbitration specialists. In Singapore, members of Incisive Law LLC, with which we have a Formal Law Alliance, provide Singapore law advice and represent clients in both domestic and international arbitrations. We are also often called on to manage litigation in countries where we are not present, when we work in collaboration with our clients’ local lawyers. 

We know that, for many, the prospect of being in the hands of lawyers can in itself be an uncomfortable thought. We communicate in simple and plain language that is easily understood. We also know that the cost of litigation and arbitration is an issue and we try hard to approach costs in a sensible and collaborative manner. 

“Excellent client service: they’re extremely efficient and they’re available to assist and advise us at any time.”

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