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Ince & Co is said to have been the first law firm in the UK to have mediated claims in excess of US$1 billion. That was a long time ago, and we are of course now way beyond that figure. Ince was at the forefront of alternative dispute resolution then and still is today.

Several Ince partners are accredited mediators, and all of the partners and associates who specialise in contentious matters are familiar with mediation, and other various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
"Clients praise their 'speed in handling a case - they never mess around'." Chambers & Partners
All of this helps you, and here’s why:

All forms of ADR, including the most common mediation, are different from both litigation and arbitration. A mediator’s objective is different from that of a trial judge or arbitrator. While a mediator helps the parties find a solution that works for each of them, a judge or arbitrator decides who wins and who loses. Mediation and the other forms of ADR need particular preparation and a tailored approach, which we provide. Mediation places the client (not the judge) at the centre of the decision making and our role is to provide all the support our clients need in that process.

There is a place for mediation and the other forms of ADR in most disputes. Even if your case starts in the Court or in arbitration it may very well be that at some stage a mediation will be ordered or the parties will choose to take the ADR route. When that time comes we know the ropes.

If ADR results in settlement the costs savings can be great. If you are interested in mediation or any other form of ADR we are here to help.

“Excellent client service: they’re extremely efficient and they’re available to assist and advise us at any time.”

Chambers & Partners

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