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Joint ventures

Our world seems to be getting smaller and smaller and companies are now far more likely to work together than compete for clients. Collaboration and cooperation is so often the answer.  

Our corporate team has experience drafting and advising on joint venture and shareholder agreements across all industries - both domestically and internationally. Whether for a defined one-off project or as a lead-in to a full blown merger, joint ventures and strategic alliances can take many forms.

At the heart of all successful drafting of such agreements is an understanding of what the parties are trying to achieve. Our transactional lawyers listen and ask the right questions to ensure your venture has the highest chances of success. We stand out as business lawyers that think ahead and can draft in everyday language clauses to cover complex business and financial arrangements. No joint venture is the same, as your business is unique.

For more information, please contact Stephen Jarvis, Matthew Stratton or Mona Patel.