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    Singapore Parliament introduces Omnibus Bill to consolidate insolvency framework

    01.10.2018 |Insolvency and corporate recovery , Corporate & Commercial

    This Bill has been eagerly anticipated by insolvency practitioners as it is the third and final phase in the reforms emanating from the ILRC recommendations made in 2013.

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    Memorandum of Guidance between Singapore and China Supreme Courts

    24.09.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    China and Singapore have taken another stride towards the mutual recognition and enforcement of judgments in their respective jurisdictions.

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    Corporate Governance Code 2018

    19.09.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    The UK has published a new and updated Corporate Governance Code designed to strengthen relationships between companies and stakeholders, support long-term success, promote integrity in business, and attract long-term investment to the UK.

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    Bulletin on Companies Amendment Bill 2018

    21.08.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    Last week, the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2018 (the “Amendment Bill”) was read in parliament. The main thrust of the amendments announced by Ms. Indranee Rajah, S.C. Minister (Prime Minister’s Office) and Second Minister for Finance and Education, was to recognise “Shipowners’ Liens” over sub-freight and sub-charter hire as security (as charges) without the need for registration.

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    Blockchain Technology – Changing the way we do business

    17.08.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    In this update, we explore through a series of FAQs, the draw behind blockchain technology and smart contracting, which is slowly changing the way we do business.

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    Suretyship in the UAE: legal hints

    16.07.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    Although the granting of a suretyship is a common occurrence, the legal concept of suretyship under the UAE law is more complicated than one would expect. This article highlights some of the more common pitfalls in suretyship in the UAE.

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    The art of maximising value – creating alternative fee arrangements

    16.07.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    Billable hour is no longer the only way that lawyers charge for their services. In this article we highlight the most popular alternative fee arrangements and the best ways of how and when to use these.

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    Your corporate questions answered

    16.07.2018 |Corporate & Commercial

    In this video interview, corporate lawyer Charbel Fadel will answer 10 tricky legal questions that we often get asked by our clients in the UAE. They are loosely grouped around the corporate and contractual issues and the common theme for these questions is that the answers are not what may seem from the first glance.

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