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    Marketing and the soft opt-in

    23.05.2018 |Ince product: GDPR, Employment, Compliance

    Under the GDPR organisations must ensure they have a lawful processing reason when processing personal data and this includes sending marketing communications to individuals.Legitimate interests and consent will be the lawful data processing reasons used in most situations.

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    GDPR – Issues for Employers

    22.05.2018 |Ince product: GDPR, Compliance, Cyber security, Employment

    The GDPR will necessitate various changes for employers as regards their employee data collection and processing activities. In particular, employers should be aware of, and prepare for, the following revisions to the current data protection regime.

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    Direct pay offer from employer to employees held to be an unlawful inducement to bypass collective bargaining

    19.04.2018 |Employment, Corporate

    EAT has considered whether an employer’s attempt to negotiate directly with individual employees could be in breach of s. 145B of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (the Act).

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    Disability discrimination: Lofty v Hamis t/a First Café

    19.04.2018 |Employment, Corporate

    Ms Lofty had a pre-cancerous lesion which could result in skin cancer. She was treated but remained absent from work for related health issues, including skin grafts and extreme anxiety.

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    Disability discrimination: Carreras v United First Partnership Research

    19.04.2018 |Employment, Corporate

    Under the Equality Act 2010 an employer is obliged to make reasonable adjustments when there is a provision criterion or practice (PCP) which puts a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared with a non-disabled person.

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    Taylor Review: Government response

    19.04.2018 |Employment, Corporate

    In February 2018, BEIS set out the Government response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices published in July 2017. A number of recommendations set out in the report have been accepted by the Government and consultations have now been launched.

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    Mental Health: The Stevenson/Farmer Review

    16.11.2017 |Employment, Corporate

    The recent Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employment raises the issue of how employers can help all employees to thrive in the workplace.Adopting wellbeing strategies that promote positive mental health as well as targeted support for those that may be struggling should be a priority.

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    Parental Bereavement Leave

    16.11.2017 |Employment, Corporate

    Whilst many employers will not need legislation to grant time off to a bereaved parent the introduction of this Bill will clarify entitlements and ease the enormous stress and pressure at a difficult time.

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